loving myself

I, like so many people, have such a hard time loving myself. If God loves me, I should surely be able to do so. But I think of all of my flaws. I’m perpetually late. I’m a procrastinator. I am extremely passive. And when I think of these flaws I see how it may be hard for others to love me, let alone myself.

Now before you roll your eyes, call me “emo” and skip to another journal, allow me to finish.

I am learning about myself. I am learning that these flaws are part of me. Granted, they are things I can and should work on.

I’m perpetually late, because I hate to leave what makes me happy. And I’m Irish. :p I hear that is a common thing among us.

I procrastinate because I work better under pressure.

I’m passive because I care about others and want everyone to be happy.

I am learning to cope with myself. I am learning that I am a desirable person. I am learning that I do deserve better.

And in the process I am learning that these things I don’t like about myself are things that can be changed. And perhaps if I change them I will be a better person. And I will become more comfortable with the idea of loving myself.

If my family and friends can see past all of my flaws, I can too.

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  1. Mary, you are soooo loved!! You are such an awesome person. Since you and I are on the same wave length, I guess that is a compliment to me too! Ha! J/K 🙂 love yourself,it’s ok! I love you! Most of your so called flaws,you turned into good traits by explaining them, so go with them. Except the late thing. I suffer from that too! Of course! Cykles!

    • 😀 Thanks Sue! ❤ I love you too! And if I'm on the same wave length as you all of the time (cycles of life!), then I must be doing something right! I'm glad I have you and my other sisters to look up to!

  2. Girl…. If anyone knows how hard it is to love themselves you are talking to her… You have such wisdom to see how even in your “flaws” you are you and you really aren’t flawed at all…sure we all have our quirks but you are beautifully and wonderfully made! Sometimes, as you have recently experienced, we cross paths with people who make us feel like we aren’t good enough, like we don’t measure up, like we are unbeautiful, unworthy, unloved…. You know what, Mary? THEY ARE WRONG! We’re kinda a big deal 😉 Don’t ever forget it. Becuase there will def be days when I will need you to remind me… You have been such a joy in my life, it’s because of friendships like yours that give me the encouragment to risk loving others….and myself….even when I’m scared to death of it! ❤

    • It’s always nice to know there are people out there who have been through the same struggles and are there to help you cope! I am so glad to have a friend like you, Becks! You are hilarious, sweet, beautiful and you are always there to listen! We ARE kind of a big deal, aren’t we? lol I love you girl! I’ll always be here to remind you of how awesome you are because I know you’ll always be there to do the same for me when I need it most! You rock!

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